Agility, Interactive Implementation Customized Services

Our team is set up to solve vital issues and provide key business propagation solutions to our valued customers. We provide quality technological innovations to ensure that your business is driven forward with optimum progress in all your core areas like custom software design, development, consulting, installation and maintenance services. Customised services combined with agile methodologies prove to be beneficial as the precise needs of customers are determined and delivered successfully.

Custom Software Development

Our custom software development services include consultation, delivery and custom tool development in order to increase the growth velocity while significantly reducing TCO.

We offer a wide range of software development services from amongst which the customers can choose whatever they require.

The services are customized to integrate with the everyday business procedures and also help in automating routine work of employees, storing daily data and information, and other minor but essential regular business procedures. Since services are fine-tuned to match with the customers’ regular business procedures, the language, platform, technology etc can be chosen by the customer, which will then be provided in the latest available leading edge technology to ensure maximum output. Our platforms have rapid elasticity, and are scalable no matter how small or how large the requirements.

Online Barter Software

The Barter Sites extension gives your members the ability to post their goods or services in the barter directory on your site, send each other offers and messages, negotiate, and ‘pay’ with either direct trade or with your own private currency called trade credits. You can even issue lines of credit to boost trade! Check out the most fascinating Online Barter Software developed and launched in Android marketplace !!!

Customer Portal

A well organised team works on creating excellent Customer Portals delivered with high flexibility and company specific branding. From a high level view, it is comprised of templates, pages and widgets incorporated with social media networking for easy access and social media marketing utilizing the following languages: HTML, Javascript, CSS, and PHP. Customer portals are developed to be independent of site upgrades providing a better customer experience by having less to worry about concerning site files during the upgrade process.

Custom Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

With our custom ERP services we are able to facilitate the flow of information inside and outside the organisation, efficiently consolidating all business operations into a uniform and enterprise-wide system environment. This helps in forecasting all minor and major requirements of the organisation and planning ahead, thus increasing the productivity and efficiency of each department, which in turn ensures comprehensive business progress.

Custom ERP services allow you to automate order tracking and management processes while enabling easier management of revenues and transactions. We cover the entire range of custom ERP software development ranging from consulting, installation services, integration with third party systems, testing and Quality Assurance, support and maintenance services. The data is set up in a centralized database and utilizes a common computing platform, giving you a one-stop information point for all your functions and this streamlines delivery time.

Customer Relationship Management Software Development (CRM)

CRM is a strategy which manages customer interaction, clients and sales prospects. Agileblaze CRM software development kit gives you all the essential tools required for effectively organising, automating and synchronizing all your business and sales processes, customer services and technical support. Furthermore, these customer management software solutions are suitable for small and large businesses to aim finding, attracting and winning new clients, fostering and retaining existing clients, luring former clients back into the fold while minimising costs of marketing and client services.

At Agileblaze, we offer you a wide range of custom software development services like IT consulting, software engineering, solution design, software product development to integration services, software maintenance and support. Our certified processes, Quality Assurance and testing, cutting-edge technologies such as Java, .Net, PHP, etc gives you assured market returns, driving your business forward. The expertise we offer you will help reduce the workload and time spent on each phase of sales promotion with our management software development modules along with services like sales work flow automation, quote generation and thorough extensive reporting, which will help you further in acquiring and securing a strong customer relationship.