What we do

We Integrate Web, TV, Radio, print and social media to design and execute cost effective and effective campaigns with assured ROI.


9 themes, 90 days, one platform, an exclusive mobile photography for college students of Kerala. A campaign build for Vodafone in association with Club FM was fully handled online by AgileBlaze. Right from website development, to social media marketing to video ads were taken cared and the results that was received was overwhelming for all the associated brands!

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

We support in promoting your website to increase its visibility in search engine results page in the form of Internet Marketing, where your website appears on the first page when searched with relevant keywords under your business catagory.

Submission of articles/blogging, advertising, campaining and SEO are few to add to the list. We strictly analyse the top performing keywords to follow the trend of the traffic. Monitoring the keywords and having them updated on a regular basis is the one of the KPAs (Key Performance Area).We also believe in social media marketing (SMM) which again plays a vital role in SEM. Here, we target a huge number of audience to find our product appealing and have conversions made in bulk.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

A well organised team works on creating excellent Customer Portals delivered with high flexibility and company specific branding. From a high level view, it is comprised of templates, pages and widgets incorporated with social media networking for easy access and social media marketing utilizing the following languages: HTML, Javascript, CSS, and PHP.

Customer portals are developed to be independent of site upgrades providing a better customer experience by having less to worry about concerning site files during the upgrade process.