Agileblaze has a virtue of possessing special skills under Open-Source Solutions, and taking its own place in the arena of LAMP stack effortlessly.

Also provides with solutions to these distinct complexity with the collective work that is undertaken and progressed in a very individual organization. Thoroughly acquainted with developing projects on LAMP, a stack of open source software that includes the Linux operating system, Apache HTTP Web server, MySQL database and PHP (scripting languages Hypertext Preprocessor).

Operating System

Software that supports basic functions to perform the required tasks, execute application & control peripherals.
We provide support on : Windows 98/XP/2000, Linux (Redhat), Fedoracore-2, Ubuntu, CentOS

Web Technologies

These assist users in developing websites, build applications, design and maintain the executed apps, build / implement ideas in the field of technology.
We provide support on : Ruby on Rails (ROR), PHP, Perl, Java, HTML, XHTML, XML, JavaScript and AJAX , Smarty, Apache Web Server, JSON, JSONP, jQuery, Cassandra; Hadoop, SOAP & REST Web Services, APIs; MVC architecture;


Is a collection of libraries determining a specific application programming interface (API), basically an universal and a reusable software platform.
We provide support on : Rspec, Yii, Zend Framework, Cucumber, CakePHP, Spree – eCommerce; Magento, Joomla, Prestashop, Joomla, WordPress, OSCommerce;

Data base systems

Is a set of computer programs which optimizes the capability to creat, maintain and use the database systematically.
We provide support on : MSSQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL;

Web Designing

The creative ability to present the content (hypertext or hypermedia) those are delivered to an end-user through the world wide web.
We provide support on : Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Illustrator;


Is the absolute management of content in a website including the creativity, modification and removal of content from a website.
We provide support on : Joomla, DocMan, Drupal, Radiant

Document Management

A complete exercise to track and store electronic documents and also focusing on managing the data.
We provide support on : Alfresco, knowledgetree;

Learning Management

Is a web-based technology that enables the management and delivery of learning content and resources to the required set of audience.
We provide support on : Moodle;

Expertise in both REST and SOAP providing support under both prototypes

The advantage of opting one of these is to simplify the payment and shipment gateway methods prodiving the end-users with high flexibility to process their orders.

Our experts have also pioneered with PhoneGap apps supporting web-pages those which access device-functionality (jquery mobile) catering to rich outlook, especially with CSS transitions and classic tweening animations. Games are built with phonegap inspiring many end-users. Varity of features available do support on specified OS – Apple iOS, Google Android, HP webOS, Microsoft Windows Mobile, Nokia Symbian and RIM BlackBerry. Mobile apps platform made user-friendly with phonegap.

HTML 5, JavaSricpt, CSS
SCRUM experience is equally considered to be one of our great practise in order to meet our client requirements and expectations.

Our LAMP stack expertise are proved through these deployments evidently

RentingSmart : Ruby On Rails(3.0.x); MySQL
AdTraction : PHP; MySQL
Virtual Barter : PERL; PostgreSQL database
Artfultouchonline : Magento
Beansaver : Prestashop