Mobile application developing is considered to be a challenge provoking task. Creating & Deploying just an app on a single platform would certainly not be an option to impose on multiple enterprises to reach the required amount of clients.

Thus, comes the cross-platform mobile application development in to the picture. One such skillfulness is called as Cross-Compilation, which separates the build environment from the target environment. For instance, a framework providing a platform using a mainstream programming language. We develop such attractive mobile applications, utilizing a wide range of frameworks for betterment.

Our proficiency in developing Android,iOS, Windows phone, WebOS,Symbian and Blackberry mobile applications meets the requirements on major mobile OS. We have acquired experience in developing an android mobile application on Phonegap open-source software and successfully had the same launched it on android marketplace. Also dealt on iOS having iPad survey applications created using PhoneGap and jQuery Mobile applications.

According to our practice, mobile applications are highly cost-effective and attract users with their rich access to advanced capabilities like media, geo-location and many more. These applications are mainly to be pre-installed on devices or downloaded from available mobile software platforms.

Applying the right set of tools and contributing towards efficient learning would drive more amount of potentiality resulting in successful business ventures.

Cross Platform Mobile App Development

One app that helps to build once and deploy on all the major mobile platforms including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, Bada, Symbian, WebOS and more..