An android mobile application integrated with salesforce which is used for conducting surveys for a leading home Appliances manufacturing company in the world. The application will keep track of the surveys conducted by the field staffs in various stores. The application allows the staffs to maintain separate surveys done in distinct stores conducted in different dates. Each survey provides the client invaluable information which will help them to be ahead of other competitors in the market and help them to hold the large share of the market.

One of the Salient features of the application is the ability to work without connectivity and do a delta sync of the application when the connectivity is back. Instead of smart objects  similar or arguably better sync mechanism (delta forward sync) with the help of local data storage done in SQLLite and Java is used.

The application is enabled with offline storage capability which will allow the staff to work peacefully even when there is little connectivity in the region. All information will be synced with the server whenever there is Internet connectivity.

The application allows the staff to add pictures into the survey data which provide the client information about how the product is being displayed in the store and they can give directions to the store if the are want any change. The staffs can use camera to take pictures or they can select pictures from the gallery.

By the clients requirement this application is not been added to the Play Store but still the staff can update the application using a specially designed release mechanism. The application will notify the staff whenever there is an update available for the application and a single press will let them equipped with the latest updates.

Core Technologies Used

Force Cordova