We do software testing to identify faults whose removal increases the software quality by increasing the software’s potential reliability.

Software that does not work can have a large impact on an organization. The cost of errors in software can vary from nothing at all to large amount of money and even loss of life. There are hundreds of stories about failure of computer systems those have been attributed to errors in software. There are many reasons why systems fail but the issue that stands out the most is lack of adequate testing.

Loss of money – this can include losing customers right through to financial penalties for non-compliance to legal requirements
Loss of time – this can be caused by transactions taking a long time to process but can include staff not being able to work due to a fault or failure

Damage to business reputation – if an organization is unable to provide service to their customers due to software problems then the customers will lose confidence or faith in this organization (and probably take their business elsewhere)

What we will do

Define testing strategies for each area and sub-area to include all the functional and quality (non-functional) requirements.
Divide Design Specifications into testable areas and sub-areas.
Define bug-tracking procedures.
Identify testing risks
Identify required resources and related information
Provide testing Schedule

Our Test Deliverables

Our Deliverables
Test Plan, Test Case, Defect Report,Test Summary, Test Closure Report

Test Activities
Test Planning, Test Execution, Reporting, Bug Fix/Retest

Your Deliverables
Project Document, Test Strategy, Software to be Tested

Our testing services include

Functional Testing
Performance Testing
Integration Testing
Regression Testing

System Testing
Load Testing
Acceptance Testing

We use tools like