Bobinson KB

Bobinson K B

President & Chief Executive Officer


Bobinson, aka Bob as we call him is a creative geek & a natural leader. His ability to address complex business scenarios by combining technology and execution skills makes him go to person for many of his friends, colleagues and clients. He has many firsts to his credit including the Co-Founder and CTO of India’s first WebTV, IndiaVibes.TV


He is a regular speaker in technology events & won the Unique Times Innovative Entrepreneur of the year in 2016.


Prior to Agileblaze he worked with GoGrid & Lucent Technologies (Nokia) in the Cloud Computing, Telecom & Networking domains. During his stint he worked with many major telecom companies and played essential role in setting up new teams. In what might be a unique combination, his first projects were in the cloud / virtualization domain and used SCRUM based agile development.


With his wast expertise in technology he has successfully contributed to dozens of projects in the MVP phase, revamping of legacy applications, cloud migrations & digital transformation of entire organizations.


Bobinson holds a degree in Computer Science and Engineering (BTech) from National Institute of Technology, Calicut.


A write about Bob will not be complete if we skip his passion for art & culture. Our logo, of the even spinning fire is inspired by one of his photographs.