RewardsAPI is an application which manages the reward program of online stores. Online site owner can register their sites in the application and create reward programs. The customers in the online stores can earn commission or reward points based on the reward programs. The site owners can control his customer’s commission or reward points by creating necessary rules in the rewards program. Once a customer uses referral code they will be permanently related to the referrer. The referrer will continue to earn every time the customer they referred makes a purchase.

A referred customer may then in turn choose their own referral code to distribute to other new customers. Both the original referral and the new referral make commission based on the tired referral structure. Commission Percentage and the number of tiers receiving commission may be set in the rewards program.Whenever an event(for example signup, checkout) occurs at shopping cart plug-in the event details are sent to Rewards API through the web services and the details of actions are passed back to the shopping cart. The details such as commission or rewards points, transactions(check out) of each customers are stored in the application through the web services.

We gathered the requirements, developed the facility for creating online stores and reward programs. The project also gave us complete knowledge about chargify, Magento and OsCommerce plugins.

Core Technologies Used

Cake php