Technology Solutions Firm seeks leads DevOps Engineer with more than 3 years. We (Agileblaze Technologies Pvt Ltd.,) are looking for a DevOps Engineer to join our fast, agile; creative environment.

What you need for this position

  • BE/B.Sc/M.Sc in Computer Science or relevant work experience in-lieu of the degree
  • 3-7 years of experience in DevOps Engineer

What you’ll be doing

  • Design Cloud based architectures with High Availability and No Single point of failure.
  • AWS services: EC2, Auto Scaling, RDS, S3, IAM, Route53, ELB, Elastic Beanstalk, OpsWorks and cloudfront.
  • Configuration and management tools like Chef/Ansible/puppet
  • Deployment with Capistrano.
  • Configure web servers like Apache, Nginx and Application stack like LAMP, ROR, apache-tomcat etc
  • Maintain and enhance cloud management and monitoring tools.
  • Knowledge in Bash and python/ruby/perl scripting.
  • Usage of AWS api tools like ec2-api and s3 tools
  • Databases MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB
  • Monitoring Tools Nagios, Zabbix
  • Configure SCM tools like SVN/GIT for deployment of code to production
  • Document and drive best-practices across the team
  • Support every facet of operations

Required AWS Proficiencies

  • Configure instances from management console or using ec2-api tools
  • RDS with Multi-AZ and Read Replicas
  • Configure S3 with Glacier integration and use of s3cmd api tools
  • Configure ELBs, Auto-Scaling etc
  • Handling Instance-store instance without data loss
  • Cost optimization
  • Scripts to take ami, snapshots with proper retention periods.
  • Configure Route53 to use ELBs, different algorithms etc.


  • Configuration Management Tools Chef, Ansible, Puppet, CFengine
  • Ruby/Perl/Python Scripting
  • Proficiencies with other cloud providers like Rackspace, Google, DigitalOcean
  • CCNA certification
  • Performance tuning of Mysql/Postgres, Apache etc
  • Redhat certification
  • AWS certification
  • Experience with multiple virtualization platforms (eg.VMware)
  • Experience under a work culture of DevOps and Continuous Delivery.

What’s in it for you

  • Opportunity to create software that will benefit everyone
  • An opportunity to join a growing and most importantly well funded and profitable software solutions firm
  • A very casual yet progressive and entrepreneurial environment

Candidates looking for a challenging career, who fulfill the above requirements & willing to relocate in Kochi can send in their resumes to